Mounting Aids

The special shape of the TWINNUT quick nut allows to easily integrate additional features that provide useful assembly aids depending on application requirements.

  1. a) separation barrier
    Type TN 934HS, TN6331LS
    If the threaded bolt on which the TWINNUT quick nut to be mounted, has an open-access end, makes sense to use a TWINNUT quick nutwith a separation barrier. This isolated barrier prevents accidental complete separation of the two halves.
    You have to overcome a slight resistance to separate them completely. They can, however, move so far apart with no resistance, that a quick movement of the TWINNUT quick nut over the thread of the bolt up to the position of use is possible.
    With this release the lock TWINNUT quick nut can also be mounted on long threaded rods in a few seconds and be removed just as quickly. The Trennsperren- assembly aid belongs to a thread size M24 to the standard version of the TWINNUT quick nut
  2. b) locking function
    Type TN934HSR, TN6331LSR
    In certain mounting situations, it is useful if the TWINNUT quick nut halves connected easily, even if the TWINNUT quick nut is not screwed down. For this purpose, the execution of the TWINNUT quick nut HSR is diagnosed with latching function that is usually combined with the separation barrier.
    You have to overcome a slight resistance to push the halves together or open. In the collapsed state, the TWINNUT quick nut can be used as a normal nut. This version of the TWINNUT is particularly suitable when the TWINNUT quick nut should hold even without load safely at a certain position of a threaded rod. The locking function is available for various sizes and materials on request.

TWINNUT quick nut OEM_Loesung_H_B