Typical applications of TWINNUT quick nut are:

– Mounting on long threaded rod. The advantage here is the extremely quick and easy assembly and disassembly.

– For hard to reach places, such as, for example, often occur in the assembly of fittings.

– Installation of a damaged stud. The TWINNUT quick nut requires only the short piece external thread on which it is tightened. The remaining part of the male thread may be defective.

– Repair and maintenance of components in highly corrosive environments, such as may be especially if not welded vessels, as in tanks of fire protection reasons or working with angle grinders.

– Subsequent installation of threaded rods without the other components must be removed.

By applying the TWINNUT quick nut also completely new design possibilities. For example, threaded rods may now have kinks or their ends must not be freely accessible. Long rods only need at the point a thread on which the nut is mounted.

TWINNUT quick nut TN934_an_defektem_Bolzen