The TWINNUT quick nut is offered as standard in four materials: mild steel, stainless steel, heat-treated steel and the high-performance composite material Grivory HTV5H1.Materialien.

Grivory, a new type of high-performance polyamides based on PPA has outstanding strength values, which remain stable even at high temperatures and high humidity environment. Polyphthalamide (PPA) is unmatched success in the sector metal replacement.
In addition to the strength and stiffness it features a excellent chemical resistance and excellent dimensional stability and the design freedom and ease of processing by injection molding. Grivory HT convinced as a metal substitute material with his performance in highly loaded applications at temperatures up to 120 ° C. In continuous use, this material can withstand temperatures up to 150 ° C. Transient temperature spikes up to 250 ° C are possible.
The high fatigue strength and excellent creep resistance make the material an excellent starting material for plastic version of the TWINNUT quick nut.

The TWINNUT quick nut from Grivory is manufactured as standard in black / gray. On request, custom colors can be offered.
For many applications, the TWINNUT quick nut quick nut the execution of cutting steel 11SMn30, material no. 1.0715, be the right choice.
For high-strength versions of TWINNUT quick nut, the tempering steel 42CrMo4, material no. Offered 1.7225. This material obtained after curing strength of over 1300 MPa.
Standard for stainless versions of TWINNUT quick nut is the stainless steel material no. 1.4305 available.
For high-strength stainless compounds can eg the stainless steel material no. Offered 1.4542. Heat treated reaches this material strength of 1000 MPa.
On request other plastics and steel grades, as well as copper, brass, aluminum or titanium alloys and even ceramic materials can be offered for the TWINNUT quick nut.